How To Treat Varicose veins / varices ?

When varicose veins is extended, jammed veins. Most occur on varicose veins of the lower extremities. They are signs of venous insufficiency, which comes by inadequate function of the venous valves materialize substantially. Venous valves have a type of valve function it is to carry the blood from the periphery back to the heart. Approximately 60% of blood volume are in the veins of the extremities. In case of insufficient function of these venous valves, the vein increasingly crowded due to the hydrostatic pressure and it comes to the expansion of the vein. This can usually be palpated by a bulging-elastic expansion. However, veins may be ill, which are not yet palpable.
The development of varicose veins is very diverse. Firstly, according to the neuersten scientific data carry genetic factors in some cases to the formation of varicose veins. On the other hand, lack of exercise, obesity, hormonal Inbalance and strong stress at work, especially long standing or sitting, contribute to a vein problem. Women have to have a fourfold higher risk varices compared to men.


Varicose veins

Varicose veins

Most varicose veins make first noticeable by a feeling of tension or heaviness in the legs. This occurs especially when standing for long periods, however, where creates elevating the legs relief from the discomfort. Subsequently these complaints can then usually occur increasingly on hot days or when using warm water. Optical contact varicose veins by stepping out of the veins, sometimes in the form of veins papers belonging to. The tortuous course of the veins is typical. It is usually the swelling of the ankles and lower legs, and the brownish discoloration of the lower leg inside come (stasis). This is a stauungsbedingte local inflammatory response of the affected area. Advancing this process, this can lead to a so-called open leg (Unterschenkelulcus – leg ulcer) come.
Varicose veins also favor the occurrence of thrombosis in the affected veins. The result is a so-called deep vein thrombosis, which is manifested by pain, redness of the affected area and a swelling of the calf.


For the diagnosis of varicose veins, the most modern methods are used in the form of a color duplex venous ultrasound. This is a non-painful investigation method, with which not only the vein pattern but also the extent of return of blood flow in the vein can be assessed. Through this study, the surgeon can already well estimate the stage of varicose veins. In addition to this can optionally also be carried out a vein X (venography) , >> reference :


If the venous problem in small side branches, or so-called spider veins before, this can be very gentle deserted for the patient.

If the venous valves of the saphenous veins (saphenous vein or saphenous vein) concerned, there is a so-called Stammvarikositas. Here is often the surgical treatment of choice and the so-called stripping process is applied in most cases. Remove When varicose veins is pulling out the defective vein. In the same operation, the affected side branches of the saphenous vein are removed with the so-called Varady technique. This surgical procedure has long been standard in vein surgery and achieved lasting cosmetically very nice results.

6 Tips on meditation for novice

Meditation is the kind of powerful practice that you will be impressed to find its contribution to better get your life and habits. Only you can explain it to you, unless you think. It increases your self-knowledge leading to greater energy victorious. Accordingly, you worry less about the anguish that you face and find ways to count your blessings and be thankful for them. It is for this reason that many companies have built in these days offers ample opportunities for it and hordes of people will benefit from a more robust quality of living for them.

But then he has a concept of this powerful behavior, then you can test it for yourself first with just tips here.

If you are a beginner and you do not know aware of this process, do not worry for registered few steps for you to start the process.

Try to rest for a few minutes – in the early days, just try to relax for two minutes; which will not be easy. Stand for 2 minutes for the first two weeks in any part of the day, preferably in the morning that would increase to 4 minutes the following week.

Prefer to do very first thing each and every morning – usually do this first thing in the morning. This is a view that this is a trend that you will now remember if you keep it to the last part of the day.

Not to be too careful about how to do it – he has now not to focus on the process of doing so. All you need to do is to be careful that you allocate a minimum of two minutes a day for it.

Try to think of your mind – you should try to look at what your mind feels okay now. Check if it is angry, frustrated, or calm and take a look at all that will accept the proposal process.

Try to consider your physical – at the same time make, trying to see what your body feels. To do this, you can start with what your desire is foot and toe after push up gradually. It is through this process that contributes to the elimination of suffering if you practice for the long term.

Try counting your breaths – concentrate on counting your breath. You count one when you are inhaling and exhaling while you must take two and so on.